Decentral Individualism . Voluntary Tribalism

AGOLOGY is an Open-Source Philosophical Framework


AGOLOGY is Open-Source because it's designed to create purpose and meaning on the individual level, and on the basis of an individual's worldview, beliefs, and values


AGOLOGY is Philosophical because it's designed to create worldview, beliefs, and values on the individual level, and on the basis of individual's objective goals & subjective experiences


AGOLOGY is a Framework because it's designed to create objective goals & subjective experiences, realizations, and understanding

AGOLOGY is the Philosophy of Everything. Created by Everything. Shared by Everything.

it's not to be followed, but to be explored.

it's not to be believed, but to be experienced.

3 states of agology:

Human First

What defines us as humans vary from an individual to another. Some individuals make groups based on their shared definition of humanity. Some groups disagree based on their different definitions of humanity. All individuals share three fundamental needs: Air, Water, Food.


All individual humans need Air, Water, and Food in order to survive. Those three elements are the only objectively shared need of humanity, for without them there will be no humanity. Once a human, all else is applied and removed subjectively and on the individual level, according to one's goals and abilities. 

An AGOLOGIST understands that he/she is a human first, and so is everyone else.


Information is everything, and everything is information.
Everything receive information, create information, and share information.

Once received, information is interpreted based on the individual interpreter's planned or unplanned goal, and ability to experience, process and understand information. Once understood, new information is created based on the individual creators' ability to create. Once created, the new information influences everything by becoming a part of it based on the individual creators' ability to share.

An AGOLOGIST becomes conscious of the subjective cyclical process of Receive, Create, Share. Groups then can be formed based on shared goals & abilities.


Everything emerges as the consequential result of receiving, creating, and sharing information. Each individual beings and humans, as different waves emerge differently, yet as collective consequential result of the same ocean.


An AGOLOGIST is nothing, and one with everything.

tools of agology

Sonic Meditation

Meditating on the nature of reality to be the ever-evolving result

of interconnected elements and layers, through creating and/or focusing

on the elements and/or the result of layers in music, soundscapes,

and auditory experiences.

Reverse evangelisM

Ask others about their beliefs, instead of evangelizing yours.

Add what you learn in the process, to the tools of your own experience.


MERGE two or more seemingly unrelated content/concepts/activities, in order to


EXPERIENCE unique & intermittent states.


FOCUS on the flow rather than expectations, in order to


​APPRECIATE unique & spontaneous moments of harmony.


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